What is VPN?

Virtual private network or VPN is exactly what it sounds like: your very own virtual network. It is a method that allows you to browse the web without any restraints while protecting your privacy and boosting security. By creating a shielded, encrypted connection between your computer and a server, VPN keeps prying eyes off your tail, allows you to surf the Internet in stealth mode and access any content on the web you wish. Weather you use a private Wi-Fi network at home or a public one in a coffee shop down the street is irrelevant – VPN shields your personal and financial data from hackers and thieves.

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Logless service = Complete privacy

What happens on the Internet stays…nowhere! By not recording connection logs, Selected VPN completely conceals your online activity, and in the same way prevents any kind of tracing or monitoring your browsing history even long after you’ve logged off. Logless, you are invisible both on and off the network, leaving no footprints or traces. No one can see which websites you see or what content you’ve downloaded. You can surf the net like a foolproof browsing ninja.

Unrestricted ad free content

These days you can’t turn your head without hitting a commercial or an ad. Most sites and apps are filled with various types of advertising content. Adblock feature is a special item designed to block those annoying marketing samples on any site or app. Of course if you’re an ad enthusiast you can always turn it back on. Additionally a sensored, filtered internet is not an obstacle any more. By masking your IP address, it would occur as if you were physically in a desired country. So the entire internet is within a grasp of your hand. Unblock any sites, play your beloved games and stream your most desired media from anywhere around the world.

Safe wireless connection

Public hotspots are like digital playgrounds for hackers and cybercriminals. Our encrypted server network protects your data transmissions, valuable information and your online identity. With calmness and serenity you can securely browse the internet anywhere, anytime and on any of your devices as your data will be safe, shielded and inaccessible.

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