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First step is to register on the website and confirm your e-mail adress as you will need them for loggin in to the application. At this stage, all accounts are free trial, so all you need to do is create account and start surfing securely. 

After you create the account, visit our website and you will get the download links to the application. After the download, installation is pretty simple. 

Mac installation:


1. Download the .dmg file from our website

2. Open dmg

3. Drag the application to "Applications" folder

You are all set :)


Windows installation


1. Download .exe from our website

2. Open the installer and start the installation

3. After the installation starts, you will be prompted with another window, to install TAP driver

4. After TAP driver sucessfully installs, you can continue SelectedVPN installation.

You are all set, safe surfing :)


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